E-Switch Virtual Solutions

Get started with our Virtual Solutions interactive virtual switch panels! Click on your desired panel tab. Learn switch features and spec info when you click on each switch in the panel.

Wearables & Miniature

E-Switch offers a broad line of miniature switches that are a perfect fit for the wearable and handheld devices market. Space is at a premium in these compact high technology applications.


A PCB (printed circuit board) is a non-conductive material with conductive lines printed or etched. The board base is used for physically supporting and wiring surface-mount switches which are soldered into place.

Panel Mount

Panel mount switches are designed to sit outside an enclosure. Panel mount switches come in all sorts of termination styles: through-hole, surface mount or solder lugs.


E-Switch offers a large selection of sealed switches, both IP rated (in parentheses) and process sealed. Click here to view the PTM (product training module) or click on a switch to see more product details.


E-Switch offers a broad line of illuminated switches that can be used in any application that requires illumination.